Organic wine

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Organic wine

Organic wine

3 main types:

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  1. Biodynamic wine- based on the writings of Rudolf Steiner, using homeopathic preparations instead of chemicals, natural fertilizers (dung) and manual ploughing in the vineyards. Harvesting and bottling according to the phases of the moon.
  2.  Organic Wine- no use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers/pesticides in the vineyards. 
  3. Natural wine/Orange wine: Back to nature.
    No cultivated yeast, no artificial fertilizer, no added sulphites, no filtering.
    Produce wines as they would have tasted 2000 years ago.

What are the differences

between Organic and Conventional wines?

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Healthy Grapes

  • A natural approach to treating the vines means that they have improved immunity against sickness and develop deeper root systems to take up nutrients from the soil.
  • This gives healthy grapes which produce good wine and

Healthy Soil

How does it feel

  • Organic wines are more flavorful
  • By using natural yeast in fermentation we get an authentic rather than a manufactured taste profiles
  • Organic wines are a more authentic representation of the place where they were made than conventionally grown wines available on the market from the same regions. Roots go deeper in search of nutrients and water and take in characteristics from the local geology.
  • The flavors are cleaner, clearer, more intense, and the wines have more texture.

What are the impact

  • Ecowine steeltanksMore anti-oxidants- vines sprayed with chemicals have 80% less Resverotrol (found in red grapes which lowers cholesterol and prevents cell oxidation).
  • More vitamins and minerals: Organic crops contain significantly more vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus and significantly less nitrates than conventional crops
  • Lower sulfur levels have major benefits for eczema, migraine and asthma sufferers.

How does it keep

  • Organic wines will evolve in much the same way as Conventional wines in the cellar
  • Natural wines should be stored at less than 13 degrees due to the low levels of SO2.
  • Warm temperatures can initiate premature oxidation.

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